Saturday, 8 August 2015

Returning To the Koha Shed

After reading Danas comment Mum and I went back to the Koha Shed with some new socks to donate. We said to the lady that I blogged about donating to the Koha Shed and she went on my blog straight away on her phone. She asked if she could share my blog on the Koha Shed Facebook page and I said yes.

We asked if there was anything we could donate. The lady said that they are going to make shoe box gifts for children for Christmas and that they need little toys, writing or colouring books with crayons or pencils, new toothbrushes. Mum and I are going to start saving items to help with this. The lady said that little McDonald's toys would be good and I said we had lots of them in a drawer at home. When I got home I pulled out the drawer and begun sorting out all the good McDonald's toys for the Koha Shed.
Here are the photos of me buying the socks, then about to take them into the Koha Shed.

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