Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Giving to the Koha Shed

Have you thought about people who have no food or clothes? There are ways to help people who have no food or clothes. One charity called the Koha Shed supports families who have no food and clothes. When Mum said she was taking food, clothes and toys to the Koha Shed I said I wanted to help. The Koha Shed is in Hawera and is run by volunteers who give their time to help families who have no food or clothes,toys and furniture.

Did you know some people do not live in houses, some live in the streets and in other peoples garages, with very little food and clothing. We took our donations into the Koha Shed in Hawera on a Wednesday, as it is only open on a Tuesday and Sunday we dropped our items at the house of the lady that began the Koha Shed. I felt really happy that someone would be using our food and clothing and having something to eat and something to wear.

If you have clothes, blankets, food, toys, furniture you are not using then I suggest you donate them to the Koha Shed in Hawera. They are currently open Sunday's and Tuesday's 11am to 2pm on Collins Street (opposite TIES). Mum and I will be taking more items there in the furniture.

This some of the items we donated.


  1. Natalie
    Such a worthy cause and idea and great that you have chosen to write a post about it. I really think you wrote an excellent explanation detailing who you were donating to and why you chose to donate to them. Excellent idea to also add in the picture showing the goods that you donated.
    Mr Webb

  2. Hi Natalie! My name is Dana. I live in the Inland Northwest. We also have many people in our area that live on the streets. I have given food to people holding cardboard signs saying they are hungry. I loved reading about your journey to donate to the Koha Shed. Giving to those less fortunate than ourselves is a wonderful thing. You are an example to many! One thing that I have learned about giving to the homeless, is they are always in need of socks. I noticed that you plan to make another donation in the future. Maybe socks could be one of the items in the next bundle of goodies that you donate? Keep up the good work! You are blessing others when you give. :)

  3. That nice that you are doing that for people that need help
    I hop you and more people will help those people