Monday, 29 June 2015

The Big Soccer Trial Day

My stomach is turning   I was getting nervous going up and down my spine.I was trialling for the Taranaki girls under 10 soccer team. I was the first of the under 10 girls then there was 5 of us. We got put in to teams of 4 or 5. I went with 4 girls we had to play 5 small games. The girls I had in my team were very nice to me and good at soccer too. In one of the 5 games one of the girls passed the ball to me and I scored a goal I was so proud of myself and wanted to jump up and down but I did not want to embarrass myself in front of my team. 

I will know on Wednesday 5.00pm if I have made the team. I won't mind if I do not get in as it was a good experience and there is always next year. I really enjoy playing soccer and it was cool to meet other girls who also enjoy soccer too.


  1. Natalie
    I like how you've been so positive about your experience and also how you've already reflected on the positive experience that you've had so it was a good choice for a post. Look forward to seeing the follow up.
    Mr Webb