Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Zealand Sign Language

Did you know that New Zealand sign language is an official language of New Zealand? I am a Girl Guide and I'm doing sign language for a GirlGuide badge. in the future I want to be a leader and teach sign language to children who are deaf. There may be girls who join guides who are deaf and if I know sign language I can communicate with them. I would help all the girls to learn sign language so they could all communicate with any deaf girls who join girl guiding.

If I know sign language I can use it to communicate with deaf people and perhaps when I get older I can work with both adults and children to help them talk with hearing people. For my badge I have to sign the alphabet and then sign our taps (Girl Guiding song). I have signed the alphabet and my name and the next thing is to sign taps.

Here is the link to my You Tube video where I  am signing the alphabet, it was tricky.


If you have problems with the link, go to You Tube and type in 'Alphabet in New Zealand Sign Language'

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