Friday, 8 May 2015

Soccer Day

Today is the day that I play soccer. I play for Kaponga Soccer Club in the under 11s. We are called the Kaponga Kings. We faced Lepperton school. I went as a back, which helps the goalie defend the goal. In the middle of the game I got tackled and flipped over. I ran for the whole 30 minutes in the first half. At half time the teams were mixed up as Lepperton were winning by a lot of goals. It did make it a bit confusing as I was playing against some of my team mates. I really enjoy soccer and get stuck into tackling and kicking the ball on. We all get along and have nicknames for each other, my nickname is freckles. I also play netball after school and hockey during school. Do you play a team sport? Do you play it in the winter or summer. Soccer here in New Zealand is a winter sport.

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