Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Winning video

My post today is about a competition I entered. I had to make a 30 second video to promote girl guide biscuits. I did the video on my Mums phone. I chose to do the video outside on our deck. I planned what I wanted to say that would fit into 30 seconds...it was hard! I made lots of blooper videos because I forgot my lines and went over the 30 seconds. The neighbour was driving his tractor close to our fence and was noisey. The wind also made it hard to hear me and kept knocking the biscuits over. It was important to get all the information in the 30 seconds....and I did.
In the holidays while I was at my Nanas Mum told me I had won! I  won a Sharp wireless blue tooth speaker system. Here is my video and a picture  of me with my new speaker. 


  1. Natalie
    What a great, great post to put on your blog! I had not idea about the competition and I think its fantastic - I also think that you obviously faced some difficulty when you were filming so its great that you overcame it and pretty amazing that you managed to do the whole thing on your phone. Great idea to share and post about it.
    Mr Webb

  2. caris Bradford auroa school21 April 2015 at 23:17

    WELL DONE Natalie best sister in the Bradford home love ya
    Your best sister in the Bradford home