Friday, 27 March 2015

My Saturday feature

Hi, I'm back, its been a while. Welcome to my Saturday feature where I will share with you what I do on a Saturday. Sometimes I do cool things at home and somtimes I go out with my family. Soon I will start playing soccer on a Saturday. I will also post stories about Mr Smiggles and his fun adventures in the weekend.We also have a new cat and her name is Charlie and she is very cuddly.
Some things I have done on a Saturday are make recycled paper from newspaper with my Mum and sister.We ripped up newspaper and soaked it in water for a few days. We then used home made screens icecream containers to make the flat paper and then let it dry on material. After a few days the paper was dry and we peeled it off.
On another Saturday my sister and I went to Eltham and sold GirlGuide biscuits. We sat for the whole morning at the craft fair and sold a few packets.As a guide we have to sell biscuits every year.
For my birthday I got an instax camera which takes photos and the photo comes out straight away takes a few minutes to show up. I love my new camera and have taken lots of cool photos with it. I am very careful about what photos I take as you only have a certain amount of film in a packet. I have taken photos of my friends, my family and the cat and when the sky was a orangey pink colour one morning.
I also played with our new cat Charlie outside in the sun. She had to get used to her new home.we spent lots of time with her.
Come and check out my Saturday feature, its going to be amazing! !!

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  1. Charlie your so cute and we've had you for a while now and your so cute.