Sunday, 23 March 2014

South island here I come

Mr Smiggles is going to the South isaland. He is going to see his cousins in Oamaru. The ferry leaves Wellington at 6am. He will meet his  cousins at the castle cafe just out of  Oamaru. Climbing to the top of the castle they will see a long way
 He hasnt seen his cousins for a long time. "I am excited" squeaks Mr Smiggle.


  1. What a great idea Natalie. Is he at Larnach Castle?

  2. Natalie
    This is a very, very clever idea and you can get so much interaction and work from this. Its a brilliant idea and I can't wait to see it develop. I am sure that you have some great ideas already about where Mr Smiggles can go but think about using media like google mapping it or other ways to record what your doing.
    Mr Webb

  3. Hi Mr Spice, no this castle is made out of wood and onceMr Smiggles has been thereI will put the photo on.He is going to Larnach castle soon

  4. Hi Mr. Smiggles and Natalie,
    Mr. Smiggles certainly likes travelling, first in a pink convertable, next on a ferry! I hope Mr. Smiggles doesn't get sea sick. What did Mr. Smiggles get up to in Oamaru?
    Miss Williams
    Class 11, Hopwood C P School, England

  5. Hi miss williams
    After playing with his cousins at their house he went to the castle play ground. The castle is made out of wood and is lots of fun. This castle is next to where a real castle is going to be.
    From Natalie