Friday, 21 March 2014

Mr Smiggles Adventure

This is my guinea pig Mr Smiggles.He is going on a adventure to guinea pig land.he is goong in his convertable mini. He is going to a cafe to see his friends.So check out Natalies blog to see where mr Smiggles is going next.


  1. Hi Mr. Smiggles!
    What did you have at the cafe? I'm very envious of your car, its fantastic! It is a little cold and windy here though at the moment, I certainly don't need sunglasses on and if my car was convertable, which it isn't, the roof would be up!
    Miss Williams
    Class 11, Hopwood C P School, England

  2. Hi miss Williams
    I had lettuce and cucomber with a fruit kebab. I also had a drink of water with some orange on the side.
    Mr Smiggles