Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The dress I altered at Guides

This is the dress I made at guides. Itwas for a badge called money sense, the dress had to be $5 dollars or less. I had a dress at home that I used. I added to my dress some plastics dismantes and some ribbon and a blue scarf. Then the guides had to do a cat walk and show parents their new dresses. It was fun to change the dress and then show it to everyone. I would like to do this again and change the look of a dress and wear it somewhere. It doesn't have to be expensive and is lots of fun.

This is my dress

Sunday, 6 September 2015

I am in the Taranaki Under 11 Girls Soccer Team

I'm in the girls under 11 Taranaki soccer team. My First game was in Wanganui. I had to go on the bus with boys and girls. When we got there we had to go do a warm up. The first team we faced was Manawatu.   I played back and was feeling very nervous as the whistle blew and the game began. I began to feel better as I played.  The second team we faced was Wanganui and I played back again. I enjoyed playing these games. My family and my nana and grandad were cheering me on and encouraged me to play the best I can.

 Our next game will be in Taranaki, not sure where yet. I am excited about my next game. I am getting more skills and becoming more confident as I tackle, trap the ball and pass it.
Here is a photo of me in my Taranaki uniform.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Returning To the Koha Shed

After reading Danas comment Mum and I went back to the Koha Shed with some new socks to donate. We said to the lady that I blogged about donating to the Koha Shed and she went on my blog straight away on her phone. She asked if she could share my blog on the Koha Shed Facebook page and I said yes.

We asked if there was anything we could donate. The lady said that they are going to make shoe box gifts for children for Christmas and that they need little toys, writing or colouring books with crayons or pencils, new toothbrushes. Mum and I are going to start saving items to help with this. The lady said that little McDonald's toys would be good and I said we had lots of them in a drawer at home. When I got home I pulled out the drawer and begun sorting out all the good McDonald's toys for the Koha Shed.
Here are the photos of me buying the socks, then about to take them into the Koha Shed.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Giving to the Koha Shed

Have you thought about people who have no food or clothes? There are ways to help people who have no food or clothes. One charity called the Koha Shed supports families who have no food and clothes. When Mum said she was taking food, clothes and toys to the Koha Shed I said I wanted to help. The Koha Shed is in Hawera and is run by volunteers who give their time to help families who have no food or clothes,toys and furniture.

Did you know some people do not live in houses, some live in the streets and in other peoples garages, with very little food and clothing. We took our donations into the Koha Shed in Hawera on a Wednesday, as it is only open on a Tuesday and Sunday we dropped our items at the house of the lady that began the Koha Shed. I felt really happy that someone would be using our food and clothing and having something to eat and something to wear.

If you have clothes, blankets, food, toys, furniture you are not using then I suggest you donate them to the Koha Shed in Hawera. They are currently open Sunday's and Tuesday's 11am to 2pm on Collins Street (opposite TIES). Mum and I will be taking more items there in the furniture.

This some of the items we donated.

Monday, 29 June 2015

The Big Soccer Trial Day

My stomach is turning   I was getting nervous going up and down my spine.I was trialling for the Taranaki girls under 10 soccer team. I was the first of the under 10 girls then there was 5 of us. We got put in to teams of 4 or 5. I went with 4 girls we had to play 5 small games. The girls I had in my team were very nice to me and good at soccer too. In one of the 5 games one of the girls passed the ball to me and I scored a goal I was so proud of myself and wanted to jump up and down but I did not want to embarrass myself in front of my team. 

I will know on Wednesday 5.00pm if I have made the team. I won't mind if I do not get in as it was a good experience and there is always next year. I really enjoy playing soccer and it was cool to meet other girls who also enjoy soccer too.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

New Zealand Sign Language

Did you know that New Zealand sign language is an official language of New Zealand? I am a Girl Guide and I'm doing sign language for a GirlGuide badge. in the future I want to be a leader and teach sign language to children who are deaf. There may be girls who join guides who are deaf and if I know sign language I can communicate with them. I would help all the girls to learn sign language so they could all communicate with any deaf girls who join girl guiding.

If I know sign language I can use it to communicate with deaf people and perhaps when I get older I can work with both adults and children to help them talk with hearing people. For my badge I have to sign the alphabet and then sign our taps (Girl Guiding song). I have signed the alphabet and my name and the next thing is to sign taps.

Here is the link to my You Tube video where I  am signing the alphabet, it was tricky.


If you have problems with the link, go to You Tube and type in 'Alphabet in New Zealand Sign Language'

Friday, 8 May 2015

Soccer Day

Today is the day that I play soccer. I play for Kaponga Soccer Club in the under 11s. We are called the Kaponga Kings. We faced Lepperton school. I went as a back, which helps the goalie defend the goal. In the middle of the game I got tackled and flipped over. I ran for the whole 30 minutes in the first half. At half time the teams were mixed up as Lepperton were winning by a lot of goals. It did make it a bit confusing as I was playing against some of my team mates. I really enjoy soccer and get stuck into tackling and kicking the ball on. We all get along and have nicknames for each other, my nickname is freckles. I also play netball after school and hockey during school. Do you play a team sport? Do you play it in the winter or summer. Soccer here in New Zealand is a winter sport.